AS SKA-LOFAR and PNHE Workshop - Compact Objects: Observations and theory from radio to gamma


Contact : Sebastien Guillot (sebastien.guillot@irap.omp.eu), Francesca Calore (francesca.calore@lapth.cnrs.fr), Jerome Novak (Jerome.Novak@obspm.fr)

The Action Spécifique SKA-LOFAR and the PNHE present a joint workshop on the topics of compact objects and all related phenomena observed from the radio band to high-energy gamma rays.

The objectives of this workshop are to gather radio-astronomy experts with the broad community of observers and modellers working on various aspects of compact objects. The presentations and discussion between all participants will foster and encourage collaboration.


Because of the broad variety of physical phenomena surrounding compact objects, the different types of studies are inherently multi-wavelength. These topics include:
  • The accretion and ejection around neutron stars or black holes at all scales, from stellar-mass compact objects in X-ray binaries to supermassive BH in AGNs
  • Gamma-ray bursts and their multi-wavelength afterglow emission.
  • Pulsar magnetospheric emission from radio to gamma-ray and TeV energies; with the recent addition of X-ray polarimetry.
  • Population studies of compact objects of all types and mass ranges to understand their emission mechanisms
  • Probing neutron star interiors with multi-wavelength observations.
  • The understanding of fast radio bursts; which recently took another dimension with the identification of simultaneous radio and high-energy bursts from a magnetar.
This workshop will be an occasion to honour the memory of Christian Gouiffès who has worked for many years on pulsar observations at all wavelengths and more recently on fast radio bursts.