Simulating galaxies: from stellar to cosmological scales (atelier du PNCG)


Contact : Jonathan Freundlich (jonathan.freundlich@astro.unistra.fr)

Galaxies are multiphase and multiscale systems: local processes such as star formation, stellar evolution and black holes accretion can affect galaxies at larger scales, the circumgalactic medium, and the dark matter distribution; in parallel, the cosmic web and the environment of a galaxy regulate the gas reservoirs from which stars are formed and stir turbulence, cascading down to small scales. Accounting for these different processes occurring and affecting a large range of scales in simulations is challenging. However, galaxies are essential to test the limits of the current LCDM model of structure formation and constrain possible alternatives. In this SF2A workshop, we aim to cover the different processes at stake in galaxies from a theoretical perspective, from the collisional and non-collisional dynamics of stars to gas in the circumgalactic medium and cosmological scales. 

We particularly encourage students, postdocs, and young researchers in France or with ties to the French community to present their work. Presentations will be in English. 

Paolo Bianchini
Noé Brucy
Benoit Famaey
Jonathan Freundlich
Anaelle Halle
Katarina Kraljic
Florent Renaud
Joakim Rosdahl

Mercredi 5 juinContributions
14h00-16h00 Session 1
16h30-18h30Session 2