Galaxy evolution in the era of JWST (atelier du PNCG)


Contact : jonathan.freundlich@astro.unistra.fr

Since its first science observations last Summer, the JWST has provided unprecedented insights into the early universe and the evolution of galaxies. Its sensitivity in the infrared has enabled observations of some of the first galaxies that formed after the Big Bang. Its resolution has yielded exquisite images and spectra of galaxies at different stages of their evolution and during mergers. The JWST allows us to study many aspects of galaxies such as their internal structure and morphology, their star formation and chemical enrichment, their stellar populations, the supermassive black holes they host, and how their characteristics link with their environment. The French community has been actively involved in the design and launch of the JWST, but also in the exploitation, analysis, and interpretation of its observations. Almost a year after its first images, this workshop proposed by the PNCG aims at reviewing some of the outstanding results obtained by the JWST on the formation and evolution of galaxies, at interpreting them in light of theoretical models and simulations, and at providing a perspective for future observations.

SOC : Ana Acebron, Hakim Atek, Matthieu Béthermin, Véronique Buat, Jonathan Freundlich, Pierre Guillard, Matthew Lehnert, Benjamin Magnelli, Henry Joy McCracken

Jeudi 22 juin, 14h-18h30